Skill and Reskill for Peace and the Future

Project Background

This English-speaking minority region of Cameroon has been affected by over 5 years of armed conflict which has disrupted education while COVID-19 has exacerbated the situation. Through our mentorship work with young people who have missed school, we identified a huge technology gap due to the imposition of hybrid learning methods. Young people are now mostly faced with learning through the digital space, which for the last years has been used as a tool for misinformation, disinformation, violence, and radicalization (COVID-19 has also increased the incidence of online violence).

Project Objective

The project is aimed at equipping 120 young people in and around the city of Bamenda to adapt to present hybrid learning practices and to prepare for the future of work while empowering them to be drivers of safe and peaceful online and offline communities.These young people have been identified through our youth engagement program. They include males, females, youth with disability, and come from different ethnic and religious groups in the region. 65% of the youths are females. The training will focus of impacting them with skills on Technology for Work, Tech for Education and Tech for peace.

Timeframe: Six Months

Funder: Global Youth Mobilization

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