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We are strategically positioned to attract the interest of the international community for wide community impact.

SOPISDEW believes in promoting local and global cooperation through intercultural dialogue and cultural exchanges.

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SOPISDEW’s mission is empowering people’s abilities to meet their needs.




SOPISDEW’s vision is to become a leading institution
in empowering people’s abilities to meet their needs in their communities by leveraging on their knowledge and skills.


Society for Promotion Initiatives in Sustainable Development and Welfare (SOPISDEW)



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Education Program

Education is a basic and fundamental human right and thus every child needs to have access to education. SOPISDEW’s education program aims at providing access to basic quality education for children including formal, non-formal and informal education. Under this program, SOPISDEW implements both humanitarian and non-humanitarian interventions to support education through.



The Capacity Building and Entrepreneurship Program

SOPISDEW through this program aims at creating a hub for capacity building and entrepreneurship which serves as an enabling environment for social and economic potency of individuals, institutions and communities. SOPISDEW empowers people from diverse works of lives, academic and professional backgrounds to leverage on their skills and competences.



The Sustainable Livelihood Program

SOPISDEW under this program aims at promoting food security, livelihood and sustainable natural resource management through global and local integrated sustainable innovative approaches to livelihood support. SOPISDEW in this program engages children, youths and women and implements.





Health And Wellness Program

SOPISDEW through the Health and Wellness program aims at supporting health care and availability of basic health services for communities through sensitization, mobilization and provision of specific health solutions. SOPISDEW realizes this by engaging the following:



Democracy And Peacebuilding

SOPISDEW through the Democracy and Peace building program aims at integrating the fundamental principles of human rights, peace and the rule of law in her actions and also promote these principles locally and globally. SOPISDEW engages the following activities under this program:


The Media and Information Program

SOPISDEW under this program aims at integrating digitalization and ICTs into the professional use of media, information and communication for development. This program is run through the following activities:


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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

SOPISDEW through the WASH program aims at promoting and improving on the water and sanitation services of local communities.  SOPISDEW engages the following activities under the WASH Program:

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Protection and social welfare

SOPISDEW through the protection and welfare program aims at promoting and protecting the rights of children, women and vulnerable persons by including and integrating them generally in community development processes particular to them and specifically in all her interventions.  SOPISDEW ensures this through the following activities:


The Media and Information Program

SOPISDEW under this program aims at integrating digitalization and ICTs into the professional use of media, information and communication for development. This program is run through the following activities:

CEO strategy

Our Scientific vision of Community Development

SOPISDEW has an opportunity to promote resilience and to strategically direct and materialize humanitarian resources following an armed conflict which has hit the North West Region of Cameroon where SOPISDEW also operates in this context from 2016 till date.

Tah believes harnessing and reinforcing strategic communities of practice in the field of grassroots community development and education, especially in favor of the most vulnerable and marginalized people will promote sustainable development.
Tah kenneth

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Our projects

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Educational Projects

Educational projects are an essential part of all the latest and advanced teaching and learning methodologies. Current teaching practices are continually being comprehended to enhance the learning process of the students.

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Media projects

The Media Projects program supports the development, production, and distribution of radio programs, podcasts, long-form documentary films, and documentary film series that engage general audiences with humanities ideas in creative and appealing ways.

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Humanitarian Projects

A humanitarian project provides material or logistical assistance to a group of people or a country in need of aid. Projects vary among those necessitated by man-made disasters, natural disasters, poverty and aid development. As such, the focus of each project differs.

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Peace Projects

Projects to carry out its mission of preventing, mitigating and resolving violent conflict. They may focus on a particular area of research or policy analysis, a type of training or public education, or a specific approach to peacebuilding.

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Community builder

The Community Building project is central to the Wellbeing Exeter model which runs alongside the social prescribing work. The Community Builders work in all thirteen wards in Exeter. The aim of our role is to work at neighbourhood level to build confident, more connected communities.

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Health Projects

The mission of The Health Project (THP) is to seek out, evaluate, promote, and disseminate the lessons learned from exemplary health promotion and disease prevention programs with demonstrated effectiveness in influencing personal health habits and cost-effective use of health care resources.

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