Our Work

  • Create an enabling volunteering environment in view of tackling community development, peacebuilding and humanitarian challenges
  • Expand local national and international cooperation in view of promoting sustainable development
  • Promote local initiatives through direction of strategic humanitarian resources for community development
  • Promote and protect the cultural and natural heritage of rural and indigenous communities, especially through cultural exchange and intercultural dialogue
  • Promote human rights, peace, justice and the rule of law in local communities.

Who we are!

We are a Community Focused Organization made up of a devoted and determined team which is willing and passionate to contribute to sustainable development in vulnerable communities around the world by empowering people’s abilities to foster their sustainable development.

Our target audiences are:

  • School age children
  • Vulnerable persons
  • Indigenous women
  • The youths
  • And the community

Community Engagements

We engage communities with innovative programs that challenge the interest of the individuals.


We provide equal opportunities to everyone in our communities with equal access to all that concerns us.


We carry out strategic fundraising initiative to keep empowering our communities needed with our resources.


We bring information through knowledge to the target communities through our innovative approach.

Our community engagements

With the emergence of global challenges such as crisis resulting from an upsurge of conflicts and the COVID-19 Pandemic, SOPISDEW has expanded her scope of intervention into diverse contexts including non-emergency, emergency and recovery contexts following an understanding of the peace, development and humanitarian action nexus.

Community impact
Humanitarian assistance

Our Team

Board members

Isaiah Neng

Isaiah Neng

Board Chair

Motika Emma

Motika Emma


Our team. our impact

We are a team of dedicated and passionate professionals bringing change to our communities .

Administrative Staff


Tah kenneth

Director, SOPISDEW

Tah is a UN Volunteer, Young African Leaders’ Initiative-YALI Alumni, African Changemakers Fellow, and Global Education Promoter with over 16 years of experience in Education, NGOs and Civil Society Management and Leadership. He is Cofounder and Executive Director of the Society for the Promotion of Initiatives in Sustainable Development and Welfare (SOPISDEW). Tah believes harnessing and reinforcing strategic communities of practice in the field of grassroots community development and education, especially in favor of the most vulnerable and marginalized people will promote sustainable development.

Charity Yelan

Benefits Officer

Charity Tata holds a B.A in Law and Political Sciences, Post Graduate Diploma in Law Education, and an M.A in English Private Law. She is a UN Volunteer, Protection Policy Specialist, Commonwealth Certified Peace Trainer and Dialogue Crusader, Winner of the 2019 Faith in the Commonwealth Peace Award. She is equally Law Instructor Higher Education Polytechnics in Bamenda, Administrative Officer and Programs Assistant at SOPISDEW. Charity is a Rights-Based Community Development Activist, Start-up Coach on Honey Marketing Business and Organics. She has spent over nine years developing her capacity and work experience on community paralegal aid, youth advocacy, law and citizenship education as well as human rights issues. She has a great passion to promote human rights and the rule of law especially in favor of marginalized and vulnerable people. From her experience growing up in a disadvantaged setting, Charity understands greatly how poor resource communities face marginalization due to deficiencies in engagements for the promotion of their human rights.

Sakghe Mildred

Sakghe Mildred

Programs Manager

Sakghe Mildred holds a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology and Animal Production and has interests in food security, global agriculture and climate action issues. She is a Cofounder and Presently Programs Manager of the Society for the Promotion of Initiatives in Sustainable Development and Welfare (SOPISDEW). She is competent in organizational development, program/project management, grants writing and project framework conception, program/project monitoring and evaluation, financial management and administration. With over 9 years of experience, she has worked with several partners and networks of local and national CSOs, CBOs and NGOs in humanitarian action and development contexts with diverse teams to develop and implement sustainable development programs and projects.

Programs' Head

Usmanu Abubakar Donowoh- Democracy and peace building

Usmanu Abubakar Donowoh

Peace Building

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Weyih Blessing Ringnyuy

Communication and Outreach officer

 Weyih Blessing Ringnyuy is a results oriented communication and development professional with a combined education and work career of nine years. She holds a BSc in communication and Development Studies. She is currently Communication and Outreach Officer at the Society for the Promotion of Initiatives in Sustainable Development and Welfare (SOPISDEW). She also occupies the position of a Communication Officer for the CBC Education Department.  Blessing is the Regional Correspondent- Northwest Region-CBC for the Protestant Private Education Agency (P.P.E.A).  She is also a Content creator in many media organs in the Northwest Region Cameroon. She is member of the ‘‘Team Cameroon’’ for an on-going Scientific Research Project titled STEM/STEPS  with the CBC ED under the supervision of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Canada and the NextgenU.org of Canada as Technical Partners. She has experienced working with national NGOs in humanitarian and development context with the Strategic Advisory Group of the Education Cluster  for NW/SW Cameroon where she had been a focal person coordinating NGOs working in the domains of education in Emergency in Boyo Division of the North West region of Cameroon. She is keen on aspect that will contribute to the wellbeing of the grassroots people. Her interested is on global solutions that will bring relief to humanity.

ndi maurine kifie

Sustainable Livelihood

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Zini Olivia Bifien

Zini Olivia Bifien

Human Resource Officer

Olivia is motivated human resources professional with drive for serving a dedicated and energetic team; engage in recruitment of employees as well as managing employees to exceed organizational performance. She is experienced in managing employees and community outreach programs. Has worked as data collector with Agora consulting and also carry out a two months internship with Jikijem Area Cooperative Credit Union (JIACULL). She has experience on child protection in emergency and GBV trained by Plan International. She’s a holder of a Diploma in human resources management and currently the human resources officer of Society for the Promotion of Initiative in Sustainable Development and Welfare (SOPISDEW).

Ndifon Chi Lizzette

Entrepreneurship Officer

As a Human Rights Activists, LISSETTE is smart and dynamic, with volunteering experience at SOPISDEW (Society for the Promotion of Initiative in Sustainable Development and Welfare) for 4 years. She is a Holder of a Bachelor Degree in Public Law and a second year master student in Political Science at the University of Bamenda. She is currently occupying the position of a programs head for Capacity Building and Entrepreneurship at SOPISDEW (Society for the Promotion of Initiative in Sustainable Development and Welfare). With her educational and professional experience, she is interested in protecting the rights of children and women especially in crises situations while creating opportunities for youth to engage in the field of development, non-profit, social enterprise professional integration through capacity development.

Gaah Maraima Kukuh

Sustainable Livelihood

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Ndane Lem Heidi

Finance Officer

Lem Heidi is a Certified Accountant, with a keen interest in Programs Accounting for Profit and Nonprofit Organizations. She is a passionate career-oriented female accountant and finance controller, with over five years of experience in general accounting for profit and non-profit organizations. She has served as Accountant/Finance Officer, Cashier, Customer Service Consultant, Account Clerk and Loan Officer in the social financing sector in Cameroon before joining SOPISDEW.  She has great passion for development and humanitarian work. She is a versatile team player eager to contribute a strong finance, accounting, and administrative background towards actively supporting the success of a progressive organization offering opportunities for growth.


Nchinda Nelvis Yuh

Media and Information Officer

Nelvis is an enthusiast development communicator with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications and Development Studies and currently a master student in the same department of the University of Bamenda. He is the program head for Media and information, and has been volunteering as assistant communication and outreach officer for SOPISDEW for the last two years. Nelvis is also Communication Officer with Shekinah Transformation (NGO) and is competent in content creation, management of Social Media Handles, Graphic designing, data analysis (SPSS), Web Management, humanitarian action and community development. He is passionate about communicating for change and promoting sustainable development. Nelvis has a high esteem for environmental protection and a stand on solving the planetary boundaries.

Sonya Fonweban Pic

Sonya Fonweban

Insurance Agent

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Our Volunteers

Thomas Cooper

HR Specialist

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Sofia Harris

Benefits Officer

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Romaric Tume

Interns and Volunteer Officer

Romaric Tume is a holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication and Development Studies. His interests are encompassed in promoting development via the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Matrix (Health, Education, Livelihood, Empowerment, and Social Inclusion). He is skilled in but not limited to Cooperate Communication, Web Management, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, and GBV Case Management. He is currently a #ThierWorld Global Youth Ambassador

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Get answers from Professionals !

  • To create access to basic quality education for children and promote children’s rights to education,
  • To empower people from diverse works of life, academic and professional backgrounds to leverage on their skills and competences for social and economic potency,
  • To promote ‘’glocalization’’ through global and local integrated sustainable innovative approaches to livelihood support,
  • To provide primary health care, promote public health and practices of wellness and healthy living,
  • To advocate for and promote human rights, peace, justice and the rule of law in local communities,
  • To create and support access to media and information for global and community development in the current digitalized generation,
  • To engage and support  communities to gain access to basic and affordable water, sanitation and hygiene services,
  • To mitigate gender issues, offer protection and promote social inclusion for vulnerable persons.

Society for the Promotion of Initiatives in Sustainable Development and Welfare (SOPISDEW) is an apolitical and non-profit humanitarian and development organization in Cameroon created by Administrative Order No 08/AR/E26/A2/PS/118 on 26th July, 2012 Cameroon. SOPISDEW’s strategy for promoting development and humanitarian action over the years has been by supporting communities to leverage on their natural potentials and maximize their use for sustainability and posterity. SOPISDEW believes in promoting local and global cooperation through intercultural dialogue and cultural exchanges. SOPISDEW’s team of volunteers in an effort to meet up with her vision had set objectives which guided daily operations, partnerships and community engagements through projects and programs geared towards attaining this vision.

  1. To improve health, education, sanitation, agriculture and natural resources management in
    rural communities through volunteering, participation, training and low-cost sustainable
    2. To empower the most poor, vulnerable, deprived and marginalized persons through low-cost sustainable economic and social development programs.
  2. To promote access to information for empowerment and development.
  3. To promote ecotourism as well as promoting and preserving indigenous cultures.
  4. To promote youth and gender empowerment initiatives.
  5. To promote human rights, equity and freedoms in all rural programs
  6. To advocate and promote peace, and social justice so that the rural people become
    responsible citizens.
  7. Promote qualitative and quantitative literacy levels as a vital tool for sustainable
    development and welfare in the rural milieu.
  8. To promote good governance in locally driven projects.
  9. To promote local initiatives by offering free consultancy services to our targeted partners
    and groups.

 The Administrative Team (7 team members led by the Executive Director), appointed or recruited and committed team focused on the day-to-day operations of the organization by assisting in resource mobilization while implementing all programs and policies geared towards meeting our vision as directed by the General Assembly of members and the Board of Directors. This team includes:

The Executive Director

The Programs Manager

The Human Resource Officer

The Finance Officer

The Senior Administrative Assistant

The Interns and Volunteers Officer

The Communication and Outreach Officer

Programs Team (9 program officers coordinated by the Programs Manager) appointed or recruited and committed team focused on running the day-to-day projects and activities of the organization by assisting in conceiving and implementing all programs geared towards meeting our vision as directed by the Executive Director. The team includes:

Education Programs Officer

Capacity Building and Entrepreneurship Programs Officer

Sustainable Livelihood Programs Officer

Health and Wellness Programs Officer

Democracy and Peace Building Programs Officer

Media and Information Programs Officer

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programs Officer

Protection and Social Welfare Programs Officer

Oku Programs Officer

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