The consortium of 3 EU organizations (Noorderpoort- NL; APRO- IT, MasterPeace- NL) and 3 in Cameroon (Hope4Better Future, FAP and Sopisdew) support the relevance, accessibility, and responsiveness of VET institutions and systems as a driver of sustainable socio-economic development using innovative renewable expertise on solar, wind and hydro: The new gold for Cameroon!

In partnership with this organizations, SOPISDEW will be implementing a Renewable Energy Vocational Education and Training Project for 24 months beginning January 2023 to end in December 2025. The objective is to improve and increase the capacity of VET teachers and trainers; to boost the exposure of staff, teachers and learners using 21st century and innovative renewable energy blended VET materials.

Project Expected output

-9 trainers trained; 200 students trained and create personal business plans hosted by 25 business partners;

-20 will start a social enterprise;100 employees of business partners trained in masterclasses;A Green hub as meeting space;

3 VET curricula on solar, wind and hydro and 3 blended courses;

75 participants in exchange activities;

2 Great Minds Summits/ 120 participants;

1 Final Manifesto

Project Timeframe: 24 Months

Funder: Erasmus + Program of the European Union.


<strong>Cameroon Renewed, a Prospect for future Benefit</strong>

Cameroon Renewed, a Prospect for future Benefit

SOPISDEW in its quest to support Sustainable Development Goal 7 (Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all) and continue the fight against climate change has partner with Hope for A Better Future (H4BF) to implement a 2 year project with support from three European Union organizations (Noorderpoort, APRO, and MasterPeace). The organization aloneside Cameroon partner (FAP and H4BF) on Wednesday, […]