Cameroon Renewed, a Prospect for future Benefit

SOPISDEW in its quest to support Sustainable Development Goal 7 (Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all) and continue the fight against climate change has partner with Hope for A Better Future (H4BF) to implement a 2 year project with support from three European Union organizations (Noorderpoort, APRO, and MasterPeace). The organization aloneside Cameroon partner (FAP and H4BF) on Wednesday, March 23 at HOPWFI Center, Bamenda launch the project CAMEROON RENEWED aimed at training and enhancing the capacity of over 200 young Cameroonians on renewable energy (Wind, Solar, and Hydro). With the objevctive to improve and increase the capacity of vocational education teachers and trainers; to boost their exposure using 21st-century and innovative renewable energy blended vocational education materials, the project under the umbrella of  Hope For A Better Future Vocational Training Institute, target vocational education organizations and teachers, youths within the age group of 16-30 years, (60% female/40% male), employees of business partners, private sector, local decision-makers and other to enhance a sustainable community free of emission. To reached the expected results of the project, Hope For A Better Future Vocational Training Institute intends to employ the service of  9 trainers who will skill up the capacity of over 200 students on renewable energy.

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