Cameroon Renewed Call for Registration

Renewable Energy; at the heart of the climate challenge and key to the solution. Are you interested in acquiring skills in Renewable Energy? Join Hope for a better future vocational training institute – Hobefi to become a solar expert in Just Weeks. This program is perfect for you who wants to learn about the latest development in renewable energy technology and how to build

Cameroon Renewed, a Prospect for future Benefit

SOPISDEW in its quest to support Sustainable Development Goal 7 (Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all) and continue the fight against climate change has partner with Hope for A Better Future (H4BF) to implement a 2 year project with support from three European Union organizations (Noorderpoort, APRO, and MasterPeace). The organization aloneside Cameroon partner (FAP and H4BF) on Wednesday,

Need Assessment for IDPs from Oku located in the Center and Littoral regions of Cameroon

1348 persons Registered from the IDPs need Assessment We finally concluded the Multisectoral Needs Assessment process for IDPs in the Center and Littoral Regions of Cameroon. A total of 1348 IDPs were registered. We will like to thank our local partner Jikijem Area Credit Union Limited (JIACCUL) for the logistical support; and our international partner Engagement Global for providing technical assistance through volunteers from