Our approach is basically to introduce Vocational Training/Rehabilitation Hubs for socioeconomic rehabilitation and integration of young people through acquisition of skills that can enable them to recover, prevent or stay safe from violence while promoting integration through self-employment and work in the business and to provide basic startup materials for beneficiaries within the context of the conflict affected English-speaking regions and in Cameroon. Several hubs are present in different communities. These hubs are established in collaboration with key community stakeholders engaged in peace work, youth empowerment and vocational training. The rehabilitation activities run in cycles ending with the vocational certification that is offered regularly with a possibility of extended coaching on business development/incubation as well as career counseling and coaching.

Key Vocational Rehabilitation Training Activities

  • Hand Embroidery
  • Weaving Baskets
  • Hair Making and Aesthetics
  • Hand Carving and Wooden Sculptures
  • Graphic and Web Design
  • Painting and Interior Decoration
  • Baking
  • Decoration