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We are strategically positioned to attract the interest of the international community for wide community impact.

From Oku to bamenda, NorthWest region.

heart of Bamenda, Cameroon, West Africa

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SOPISDEW programs are sub-systems of coordinated operations which guide how SOPISDEW intervenes in a manner that meets up with her key objectives. SOPISDEW’s programs are designed to achieve her goal of promoting local initiatives using an integrated and holistic approach. SOPISDEW runs 8 programs including the following:

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(+237) 679 -559 -932

Tah believes harnessing and reinforcing strategic communities of practice in the field of grassroots community development and education, especially in favor of the most vulnerable and marginalized people will promote sustainable development.
Tah Kennette

New Road Junction, Mile 2 Nkwen, Bamenda, Cameroon.


+237 677 010 421 / 679 955 932


info@sopisdew.org / sopisdewcam@gmail.com

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