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Our Community Programs

The Education Program

SOPISDEW’s education program aims at providing access to basic quality education for children including formal, non-formal and informal education. Under this program, SOPISDEW implements both humanitarian and non-humanitarian interventions to support education through the following activities:

Humanitarian intervention is typical of emergency and early recovery contexts in humanitarian action which meet the education needs of children affected by wars, natural disasters and conflicts. Through non-formal education SOPISDEW:

  • Offers child protection (CP) and psychosocial support (PSS) services by creating safe spaces for children to have access to knowledge, values, skills, problem solving and creativity using diverse adaptive learning methodologies.
  • Implements Education in Emergencies (EiE) through integration of formal learning into non-formal learning methods such as Distance Learning including IT Homeschooling and E-learning services.

Non-humanitarian intervention involves regular community development activities supporting community-based and grassroots development through promoting education as follows:

  • Supports the efforts of development stakeholders such as parents and teachers through PTAs (Parents Teachers Associations), the State through the ministry of basic education and the local government through the councils.
  • Through her partners, networks and volunteers offers scholarships to vulnerable children to go to school through diverse scholarship schemes thereby ensuring inclusion.
  • Operates a Children’s Education and Welfare Empowerment Center (CEWEC) in Oku subdivision, North West Region, Cameroon. CEWEC meets and integrates the services of CP, PSS, EiE and formal learning.

Entrepreneurship Program

SOPISDEW empowers people from diverse works of lives, academic and professional backgrounds to leverage on their skills and competences by carrying the following activities:

  • Empowering, coaching and facilitating procedures for youths to acquire scholarships to study both in higher institutions in Cameroon and abroad.
  • Promoting children’s rights to education by facilitating admissions and recommendations.
  • Offering scholarships for education.
  • Offering career orientation and personal development goal setting for graduates and early career developers.
  • Offering internship and volunteering opportunities for students and job seekers to strengthen their skills and competencies for the employability.
  • Promoting Vocational Education and Training (VET) through capacity building activities, training programs, short professional courses and partnerships with organizations who are service providers of VET.
  • Offering training and capacity building opportunities and services for grassroots organization.
  • Promoting youth leadership opportunities and equitable development of young people.

Sustainable Livelihood Program

SOPISDEW in this program engages children, youths and women and implements the following activities:

  • Conservation through the involvement of local people in the sustainable management of community natural resources and protected areas so as to reinforce grassroots environmental protection efforts.
  • Agricultural and sustainable production for zero hunger, healthy consumption and income generation through home vegetable gardening and promoting organic farming methods.
  • Livestock farming through capacity building for local farmers and Common Initiative Groups and Cooperatives for the purposes consumption and income generation.
  • Operation of Mount Oku Center for Gender and Socio Economic Empowerment (MOCGSE) which hosts early recovery activities to rehabilitate women affected by crisis.  MOCGSE meets the needs of women through creation of small businesses, micro-loans, start-up inputs and capital through the co-operative model and micro-franchising. This center was created to offer support to women facing challenges associated with the armed conflict in North West and South West Regions of Cameroon since 2016 and the outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic since 2019. However, SOPISDEW has developed a sustainable model which will be beneficial to community post the crises situations.
  • Green businesses promotion through orientation, coaching, registration and fundraising SOPISDEW also organizes cultural exchange programs for communities and assist in planning, marketing and realization of cultural and tourism events gearing towards income generation for communities.
  • Transformation and processing of natural non-timber forest products such as production/farming of medicinal plants, adopting & practicing agroforestry and other adaptive systems in the face of global challenges such as pollution and climate change.
  • Sensitization and mobilization of the community especially young people and women to engage in environmental management activities.
  • Environmental education in basic and secondary schools through lessons, tree nursing and forest rehabilitation exercises.

Health And Wellness Program

SOPISDEW realizes this by engaging the following:

  • Promoting public health awareness and healthy living through health education and implementation of comprehensive behavior change communication programs in partnership with private and public health institutions as well as community media.
  • Offering primary health care through creation of mobile health units and by extension health centers and health units for sustainability of health activities.
  • Offering mental health and psychosocial support services.
  • Advocating for and promoting sexual and reproductive health rights especially for young adolescents.
  • Engaging health promotion and capacity building of community health agents amongst SOPISDEW team of volunteers.
  • Supporting national priorities in the reduction of maternal, child and infant mortality and morbidity, the prevention of infectious and non-infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer and malaria as well as non-communicable diseases.

Democracy And Peacebuilding

SOPISDEW engages the following activities under this program:

  • Promoting human rights such as right to education, protection, gender equality etc.
  • Implementing peace education and peace building through integration of non-formal learning activities to educate children on peace building, involving peace building components in projects and also organizing capacity building workshops on peace building.
  • Promoting citizenship and civic engagement especially for youths and women to facilitate their involvement in public policies and active participation in building their communities.
  • Respecting the rule of law in her actions and for all people.
  • Advocating for and promoting human values, human dignity and humanitarian principles in all projects and interventions in communities.
  • Engaging the conservation of indigenous knowledge and practices, indigenous rights and the concept of glocalization (think global and act local).
  • Promoting good governance, conflict management and social cohesion in the social reforms and development processes of all communities mainly through community participation, gender mainstreaming, inclusion of Mbororo minority groups and inclusion of persons with disabilities.
  • Offering paralegal support to the vulnerable populations.

Media and Information Program

  • Empowering individuals, institutions and students on ICTs skills and competences through organizing ICT seminars and workshops.
  • Carrying out radio, graphic (designing and artistic expressions) and TV productions; dissemination, community outreach and communication in order to reduce the communication gap for the rural and indigenous people.
  • Informing rural and indigenous people, raising their voices and informing the world by promoting community and citizen journalism.
  • Promoting digital skills and digitalization activities amongst her team and partners such as digital campaigning, digital marketing, virtual working sessions, online working platforms
  • Offering information and data management services for profit and non-profits.
  • Designing and implementing intercultural communication and cultural exchange activities at the local, national and international level

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

SOPISDEW through the WASH program aims at promoting and improving on the water and sanitation services of local communities.  SOPISDEW engages the following activities under the WASH Program:

  • Menstrual hygiene education and donation of menstrual hygiene kits for young adolescent girls and women.
  • Promoting the availability of portable water for communities, schools and hospitals.
  • Promoting personal hygiene through education talks.
  • Provision of toilets for schools.

Protection and social welfare

  • SOPISDEW ensures this through the following activities:

    • Engaging children, women and PWDs to participate in their development, integration rehabilitation processes in early recovery contexts.
    • Advocacy, communication and outreach activities against gender based violence (GBV) and protection from sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA).
    • Promoting children’s rights through child protection and education.
    • Advocating for and promoting gender equality by empowering more women and girls socioeconomically.
    • Offering humanitarian aid to vulnerable and less privilege persons
    • Advocating for and promoting the rights of Persons with disabilities (PWDs) by implementing inclusive projects
    • Providing scholarships to support vulnerable children go to school


Community Based Projects

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SOPISDEW has an opportunity to promote resilience and to strategically direct and materialize humanitarian resources following an armed conflict which has hit the North West Region of Cameroon where SOPISDEW also operates in this context from 2016 till date.