Dental Health: SOPISDEW and a Team of Dentists Evaluate the Dental Health Campaign.

Seeing humanitarian activities as a means to empower the community and promote good health among the population, The Society for the Promotion of Initiatives in Sustainable Development and Welfare (SOPISDEW) on Sunday May 02, 2021 rounded up their first phase of the project; SOPISDEW Oral and dental health Campaign after two week of intensive treatment on dental problem at Nkwen District Hospital(PMI) and Mile 4 Health Centre. The campaign which witness a 70% discount in the treatment of dental issues was initiated and funded by the organization. The campaign saw a total number of 361 dental cases registered in both the two hospital.  Those who came for the treatment  benefited from services like free consultation, filling, extraction, general mouth clean up and counseling  which was carry out by the program manager and a team of dentist who have sacrifice from Yaoundé to see that  dental problems among the inhabitant of Bamenda is solved . On Sunday 04, the organization evaluate the project at their office at mile 2 Nkwen. The evaluation meeting which was held to round up the campaign discuss the strength, weaknesses, threats and opportunities encounter in the process of implementing the campaign and a way forward for the project.

According to the project manager, Njong Derrick, the project witness an 80% success and because it was his first project, the campaign encounter a lot of challenges which to him have helped to build up the team with project Management skills. He added that the success of the project was as a result of team work among the dentist’s health personnel and the SOPISDEW team. SOPISDEW has embark in training his staff and volunteers in all angles of the organization programs with more knowledge on project management. The organization has open its doors to Cameroon youth of good will to carry out their internship and volunteerism so as to enhance practical skills. To this effect, the organization choose Mr. Njong Derrick who is the organization accountant as the project manager to lead the dental health campaign. In evaluating the project, the program manager continues his presentation by pointing out that the project which was to target 1000 inhabitants of Bamenda will continues its second phase in the month of July. He promise the organization that he will work well as the project manager to see that the planning of the second phase goes successfully.

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